The Right Choice

I’ve been down this road before.

Different places,

Different faces,

The same decision.

Do I keep trying?

Do I forgive the heartache?

Or do I forgive myself?

Do I heal and move on?

I have been here

So many times before.

I felt ignorant

For making the same choice

Over and over

Yet, expecting

Different results.

So this time

I made the right choice.

I made my peace with our history.

I kept those memories tucked away

When you came this way.

I stomped out those embers

And chose different.

This time I moved ahead

Glad that lesson

Is finally over with.


Put it on paper

Let the ink stain

Cleanse my mind

Of what

I can’t say

Flow from

Heart and Soul

To my fingertips

Let me write it

Let me paint it

Just to create

What is hidden

What is locked away


Anyone that knows me

Will tell you,

Words come naturally

Fit perfectly in my life

They fly through

From pen to paper

Quick in reponse

For most anything

Be it a simple reply

A word of advice

Or a rebuttal

To unfound

And common stupidity

Yet, with you

An oddity ocurs

Most uncommon

I am finally

And constantly

At a loss for words


Is only around

When you come about

As if

With a simple kiss

You extract all the words

Right from my lips

No stories to be told

Or praises to hold

Just a smile

And contented sigh

A feeling

Even words cannot describe

If and Or

If I stopped running

Would you stay?

If I confessed

What would you say?

If I walked away

because I was afraid,

Would you stop me?

Would you grab my hand,

Pull me close,

Ask me to stay?


Or would you let me go

Say nothing at all,

Just leaving

Silence deafening

As I walk away

With that single tear

Containing  your fear

Dance Along The Edge

Stand tall

Walk along

The edge

Of my stone walls

That barricade

Protecting my heart.

Balance along with each step

To keep this connection

I have with you

Balance along with each step

To keep the distance

So I can keep

From being broken again.


Dance around the edge

With each touch

With each kiss

Then a scar

With a phantom tear

Stands waiting

Like a guard

For the glass slipper

To shatter

In your hands


Sneak a peak

Over the edge

At what I am feeling

In my heart

Not my head

Such an internal dilemma

Some things I know for sure

Others play a game

Tugging at logic

Then hitting on emotion

Then disappearing again.



Over the edge

At a pool

So still

So deep

I know it would take a true man

Not just a boyfriend

To swim these depths.


So raw

So intense

Ready for the right person

Loyalty unwavering

For the right person


Sitting on the edge

Light a cigarette


If I should fall

Just yet

For matters of the heart

The soul

Are a dangerous game to play


So here I am

On the edge

There you are

Your voice playing a tune

Calling to me

Yet when I turn

You are nowhere to be seen

Then below I see

There you stand waiting


A fragile choice to make

To take a leap

The Most important question of all

If I Fall

Will you catch me?


With ease it seems

You have found a way

To just slip into my life

Conversation has come

And gone

Moments meld into days

Into weeks

As fears from the past

Of the unknown leave.

This happy

Is so pure

More then the high

Of infatuation

Some Moments

With a past that gives us history

We are connected

With a time we parted ways

And now we give it another try

Some moments we click

It seems there’s no other

Forever in this moment

With only you

My lover

Some moments I wonder

Why ever so

Do I love you?

For you find little ways

Just to annoy me

Until I just want to go.

Moments short lived

You pull me back

With a hug and kiss

Rub the small of my back.

I see your child like self

When my adult wants to play.

Then I wonder

If we ever had kids,

Would they act this way?

Underlying all these moments

Are feelings of love,

With you I am happy

But just briefly

For some small moments

I just want to slap you my love.