Walk Away

I look back on what happened between us

Only occasionally

When the right song comes on

Bringing the far away

Deep in thought

Look to my eyes


It’s almost like feeling for a ghost

An amputated portion of my life

A limb lost

To moments lived

So long ago


I went through the motions

The hurt, disbelief, anger

The forgiveness

And now moving on


I can no longer pretend to ever understand

Why you walked away

I just know

I wanted us more


At some point I stopped asking why

Coming to peace with our goodbye

I moved onto new love

Then here you come

Your words contradicting

The picture your actions paint


I know this crossroad

A choice I must make

With my hand raised

To his lips for a gentle kiss

The far away look is washed away


I choose my path

To take his hand

and from you

This time, I walked away


The Right Choice

I’ve been down this road before.

Different places,

Different faces,

The same decision.

Do I keep trying?

Do I forgive the heartache?

Or do I forgive myself?

Do I heal and move on?

I have been here

So many times before.

I felt ignorant

For making the same choice

Over and over

Yet, expecting

Different results.

So this time

I made the right choice.

I made my peace with our history.

I kept those memories tucked away

When you came this way.

I stomped out those embers

And chose different.

This time I moved ahead

Glad that lesson

Is finally over with.

Finally Free

I have sat here alone with thoughts of you spontaneously drifting,

Floating through my mind.

I have finally been forced by my own heart and spirit,

To face what I have ignored.

Feelings bubbling to the surface,

Silent tears form.

Releasing all the hurt and pain,

That I have stored.

I have spent too long trying to be angry,

Too much time trying to hate you for leaving.

My mind understood your reasoning,

My heart felt a bullet,

Shards of shrapnel piercing the tender spots.

I have spent months saying I was finished,

Saying that I had forgiven,

Insisting that I moved on.

I find ignoring those feelings easy,

When you are out of sight and out of mind.

Then suddenly you reappeared on the outskirts of my life.

The tears and spontaneous thoughts cause me to finally admit,

I am not angry, nor upset.

I only find it harder to say,

That I still love you.

Now that my internal battle is complete,

I can tuck away these words

And finally be free.

No longer will they be lodged in the back my mind

Haunting the background of my life.

Finally letting go of our possibilities,

Putting to rest our past,

To that chapter of our history,

I can say goodbye at last.


She prays

At the beginning

Of each day

Words flowing

Rising with the sun

Hope building


That kind of love


The kind

You dream about


No doubt


Only for now

She prays


For the moment


By the dream


In the end

She still prays

Here at night

Each word

Hitching a ride

Among the stars


Through the sky



She prays

So Smothered

The more I try to stay away

The closer I want to be

I try to keep my distance

As I am running to you

I turn my head away

As I reach for your hand

My thoughts stay on you

As I try to keep away

Forces feel

Beyond my control


Even unbearable

Smothered in emotions

I know I should fight

Giving back the hand

I know I will

Never truly have

In A Moment

In a moment

It all disappears

Everything changes

Forced to face

Our worst fears

In a moment

Everything we loved

Out of no where

Is gone

The smile


And laughter

Holiday dinners

And birthdays

Will never again be the same

In a moment

We will always live

In our favorite memory

We have with them

In a moment

When we were all happy

No illness in sight

A forever list

Of tomorrows

Played in our minds


In a moment

We have to have

Just one last hug

One more I love you

In just a moment

That will forever

Be carried in our hearts

Within the spirit

Of our lives


Water and Fire

Was the water too much

Did it overwhelm the flame?

Fire to water

It creates mystical steam

Sets iced over hearts aflame

Melting ages of hurt

Welding over the scarred parts

Fire to ice

Its water all the same

Cooling the steel blade

Freshly formed

From the pain

Fire can only handle

So much water


It either drowns

Or moves along

Water transforms

As it always has

Melting as ice

Misting as it boils

Raining as it cools

Showing you as a fool

A fool to think

That the fire’s mark

The trail left behind

Could destroy water

Water will skillfully disappear

Transforming as the seasons move on

Out of sight

Never out of mind

Always in the background

Of your life



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