The Right Choice

I’ve been down this road before.

Different places,

Different faces,

The same decision.

Do I keep trying?

Do I forgive the heartache?

Or do I forgive myself?

Do I heal and move on?

I have been here

So many times before.

I felt ignorant

For making the same choice

Over and over

Yet, expecting

Different results.

So this time

I made the right choice.

I made my peace with our history.

I kept those memories tucked away

When you came this way.

I stomped out those embers

And chose different.

This time I moved ahead

Glad that lesson

Is finally over with.


In Order To Fly

Standing back,

Holding at arm’s length,

Take your time.

Feet firmly planted

On the ground.

Holding rigid

With a mended heart’s

Biggest fear.


Walk cautiously,

Tip toe


Of opening up.

Fingers grazing,

Brush along old wounds.

Scars left so long ago,

Serving to remind us,

That in order to fly,

We must take our time.

Defining Moments

We all have them

Those defining moments


We must make

Whether to say

Yes or No

The pendulum

Of whether

We should stay

Or go


The defining moment

To speak or

Hold your peace in regret



Stuck at the crossroads


Torn in two

Because deep down

In your heart you know

That this choice

Decides how your life

Will go


Anyone that knows me

Will tell you,

Words come naturally

Fit perfectly in my life

They fly through

From pen to paper

Quick in reponse

For most anything

Be it a simple reply

A word of advice

Or a rebuttal

To unfound

And common stupidity

Yet, with you

An oddity ocurs

Most uncommon

I am finally

And constantly

At a loss for words


Is only around

When you come about

As if

With a simple kiss

You extract all the words

Right from my lips

No stories to be told

Or praises to hold

Just a smile

And contented sigh

A feeling

Even words cannot describe

Tug Of War

The question


On my mind

Should I

Have said


At all

That night?

The fear


Taking turns


My hopes

The glitter

Of a promising



With the diamonds


A dreaming heart


Over Shadowed

Fears taking over

The unknown

Feeling so


A tug of war

Pulled and stretched

Fear pulling

Tempting me 

To just

Rebuild that wall

To close 

That bridge

And just


Walk away



In this

Tug of war

Is a heart

That bats


Fighting the fears

Healing the past

For it knows

If it holds on

This is the one

That will last

Which Way – Fate – Split Paths

Path moving

Changing constantly

Faced with choices

Which road to take?


Do you stick

With comfortable?

What you already know…


Do you face your fears

Of the unknown

And take the road

Less traveled

Taking a chance

On happiness

Or becoming



The choice

The path

Is always yours to make


You are

The master

Of your own fate

Cards On The Table

I’m tired

Of playing it safe

Of hiding my cards


These feelings

That swim around

Deep in my heart


I’m laying out

All my cards

On the table


I’m taking

The crystal pin

And placing

My heart on my sleeve


I’m tired

Of playing it safe

Of hiding

From pain, hurt

That hasn’t even

Happened yet


Why live in fear

When I feel it

Touch this


So near


I see the door

Wide open


For me

To just walk through


So I’m taking

That chance

Laying my cards

On the table


On my sleeve


because I know

If not

I will always regret

Not saying anything