Finally Free

I have sat here alone with thoughts of you spontaneously drifting,

Floating through my mind.

I have finally been forced by my own heart and spirit,

To face what I have ignored.

Feelings bubbling to the surface,

Silent tears form.

Releasing all the hurt and pain,

That I have stored.

I have spent too long trying to be angry,

Too much time trying to hate you for leaving.

My mind understood your reasoning,

My heart felt a bullet,

Shards of shrapnel piercing the tender spots.

I have spent months saying I was finished,

Saying that I had forgiven,

Insisting that I moved on.

I find ignoring those feelings easy,

When you are out of sight and out of mind.

Then suddenly you reappeared on the outskirts of my life.

The tears and spontaneous thoughts cause me to finally admit,

I am not angry, nor upset.

I only find it harder to say,

That I still love you.

Now that my internal battle is complete,

I can tuck away these words

And finally be free.

No longer will they be lodged in the back my mind

Haunting the background of my life.

Finally letting go of our possibilities,

Putting to rest our past,

To that chapter of our history,

I can say goodbye at last.

Defining Moments

We all have them

Those defining moments


We must make

Whether to say

Yes or No

The pendulum

Of whether

We should stay

Or go


The defining moment

To speak or

Hold your peace in regret



Stuck at the crossroads


Torn in two

Because deep down

In your heart you know

That this choice

Decides how your life

Will go

Water and Fire

Was the water too much

Did it overwhelm the flame?

Fire to water

It creates mystical steam

Sets iced over hearts aflame

Melting ages of hurt

Welding over the scarred parts

Fire to ice

Its water all the same

Cooling the steel blade

Freshly formed

From the pain

Fire can only handle

So much water


It either drowns

Or moves along

Water transforms

As it always has

Melting as ice

Misting as it boils

Raining as it cools

Showing you as a fool

A fool to think

That the fire’s mark

The trail left behind

Could destroy water

Water will skillfully disappear

Transforming as the seasons move on

Out of sight

Never out of mind

Always in the background

Of your life



I want to give a big thank you to the Poetry Palace for this award

I want to nominate Nel with the post titled Gossip Queen.

Thanks again for the honor

She Got Away

She’s  now the one

That got away

So suddenly now

You have the courage to say

Everything that sat

Lodged in your throat

Now just sinks in your heart

Because you let her

Slip away

Memories always

Rush to your brain

The way she looked

When at you she smiled

A slight twinkle in her eye

How she fit

In your arms just right

As she laid her head

On your shoulder

In the middle of the night

The soft candy breeze

She always brought your way

Yet, sadly

She is the one that got away

In your memory

You will always hold her

In those moments

You will always have her

Then maybe

One day

You can forget her


Anyone that knows me

Will tell you,

Words come naturally

Fit perfectly in my life

They fly through

From pen to paper

Quick in reponse

For most anything

Be it a simple reply

A word of advice

Or a rebuttal

To unfound

And common stupidity

Yet, with you

An oddity ocurs

Most uncommon

I am finally

And constantly

At a loss for words


Is only around

When you come about

As if

With a simple kiss

You extract all the words

Right from my lips

No stories to be told

Or praises to hold

Just a smile

And contented sigh

A feeling

Even words cannot describe

Only You

Only you have the ability

To effect me this way

To bring me the sun

Even on a stormy day

To clear the clouds

Shine the stars

To light a full moon

On a quiet night

Only you

Have the ability

To be my gravitational force

To send my world spinning

And stop it

With just a look

Only you

Send me flying

Free among the trees

And keep me grounded


Just by sitting

Right next to me

Only you

Have the ability

To manipulate the laws of time

To make our moments alone

Turn into hours

Then our hours apart

Turn into mere seconds

Only you

Have had the ability

To touch my walls

Those defenses

Locked ever so tight

Guarded by hurt

Scars, Fears

And make all of it

Just disappear

Only with you

Am I so full of words

Bountiful with emotions

Hopes and dreams

Yet, I am at a loss

For the phrase

The song

The description

To describe any of it

Only you


Have these abilities

Moments Of Clarity

Moments of clarity

Break through the haze

Bringing rays of sun

To break away from

Months of rain

Glistening drops

Amplify the light

Dancing through me

Clearing my sight

Illuminating my path

Showing me

The way

To the love

The happiness

For which

I’ve always prayed