Can’t Compare

What I have here with you,

Can’t be compared,

To anything I’ve dealt with before.

Illusion has been swept away.

Bringing me finally,

To this day.

I see now the difference,

From the infatuation,

The passionate lust,

And what is real.

I used to feel an overwhelming desire,

To let my feelings be known.

A fear secretly grasping at my joy.

Reminding me that this wouldn’t last.

That I would eventually lose this company.

Words would spill over the edge,

Petal to the metal of the relationship.

Every overture available used.

Just to express the passionate feeling.

Lust and fear mistaken as love.

That much more tender,

With the walls and gates lowered.

Only in an effort to feel.

In effort to find the only piece missing.

Now I see and feel much clearer.

The others playing as teachers for my heart.

Showing me to recognize the truth of your company.

Old fears are easily dismissed.

The true feeling is finally here.

Brought to the forefront.

It’s easily seen by your simple actions.

The words sit on the corner of my lips.

I feel the phrase pass between us when we kiss.

These words unspoken,

Can’t be compared

To those spoken so freely by others.

I know I will hear them,

When the time is right.

I know when I do,

The meaning will hold more weight,

Than when they have ever been said before.

You couldn’t ever be compared

To anyone before.

They were never the one,

I was waiting for. 

In Order To Fly

Standing back,

Holding at arm’s length,

Take your time.

Feet firmly planted

On the ground.

Holding rigid

With a mended heart’s

Biggest fear.


Walk cautiously,

Tip toe


Of opening up.

Fingers grazing,

Brush along old wounds.

Scars left so long ago,

Serving to remind us,

That in order to fly,

We must take our time.

Defining Moments

We all have them

Those defining moments


We must make

Whether to say

Yes or No

The pendulum

Of whether

We should stay

Or go


The defining moment

To speak or

Hold your peace in regret



Stuck at the crossroads


Torn in two

Because deep down

In your heart you know

That this choice

Decides how your life

Will go

Only You

Only you have the ability

To effect me this way

To bring me the sun

Even on a stormy day

To clear the clouds

Shine the stars

To light a full moon

On a quiet night

Only you

Have the ability

To be my gravitational force

To send my world spinning

And stop it

With just a look

Only you

Send me flying

Free among the trees

And keep me grounded


Just by sitting

Right next to me

Only you

Have the ability

To manipulate the laws of time

To make our moments alone

Turn into hours

Then our hours apart

Turn into mere seconds

Only you

Have had the ability

To touch my walls

Those defenses

Locked ever so tight

Guarded by hurt

Scars, Fears

And make all of it

Just disappear

Only with you

Am I so full of words

Bountiful with emotions

Hopes and dreams

Yet, I am at a loss

For the phrase

The song

The description

To describe any of it

Only you


Have these abilities

Which Way – Fate – Split Paths

Path moving

Changing constantly

Faced with choices

Which road to take?


Do you stick

With comfortable?

What you already know…


Do you face your fears

Of the unknown

And take the road

Less traveled

Taking a chance

On happiness

Or becoming



The choice

The path

Is always yours to make


You are

The master

Of your own fate

If and Or

If I stopped running

Would you stay?

If I confessed

What would you say?

If I walked away

because I was afraid,

Would you stop me?

Would you grab my hand,

Pull me close,

Ask me to stay?


Or would you let me go

Say nothing at all,

Just leaving

Silence deafening

As I walk away

With that single tear

Containing  your fear

For The Fear

For the fear of failing

I try and try

I fall down

I make mistakes

Again I try

All with a determined smile

Until Success is mine

For the fear

Of  losing myself

I search

I search

I dig

I try

All with intention

To know

Who am I?

For the fear of losing you,

I hope

I pray

I say I love you


With hugs

With kisses

Phone calls

 And texts

I keep you close

So I have no fear.

For the fear

Is only a thought

Not a reason

To miss the seasons

Not living

Life at all