Can’t Compare

What I have here with you,

Can’t be compared,

To anything I’ve dealt with before.

Illusion has been swept away.

Bringing me finally,

To this day.

I see now the difference,

From the infatuation,

The passionate lust,

And what is real.

I used to feel an overwhelming desire,

To let my feelings be known.

A fear secretly grasping at my joy.

Reminding me that this wouldn’t last.

That I would eventually lose this company.

Words would spill over the edge,

Petal to the metal of the relationship.

Every overture available used.

Just to express the passionate feeling.

Lust and fear mistaken as love.

That much more tender,

With the walls and gates lowered.

Only in an effort to feel.

In effort to find the only piece missing.

Now I see and feel much clearer.

The others playing as teachers for my heart.

Showing me to recognize the truth of your company.

Old fears are easily dismissed.

The true feeling is finally here.

Brought to the forefront.

It’s easily seen by your simple actions.

The words sit on the corner of my lips.

I feel the phrase pass between us when we kiss.

These words unspoken,

Can’t be compared

To those spoken so freely by others.

I know I will hear them,

When the time is right.

I know when I do,

The meaning will hold more weight,

Than when they have ever been said before.

You couldn’t ever be compared

To anyone before.

They were never the one,

I was waiting for. 


Water and Fire

Was the water too much

Did it overwhelm the flame?

Fire to water

It creates mystical steam

Sets iced over hearts aflame

Melting ages of hurt

Welding over the scarred parts

Fire to ice

Its water all the same

Cooling the steel blade

Freshly formed

From the pain

Fire can only handle

So much water


It either drowns

Or moves along

Water transforms

As it always has

Melting as ice

Misting as it boils

Raining as it cools

Showing you as a fool

A fool to think

That the fire’s mark

The trail left behind

Could destroy water

Water will skillfully disappear

Transforming as the seasons move on

Out of sight

Never out of mind

Always in the background

Of your life



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Thanks again for the honor

Cards On The Table

I’m tired

Of playing it safe

Of hiding my cards


These feelings

That swim around

Deep in my heart


I’m laying out

All my cards

On the table


I’m taking

The crystal pin

And placing

My heart on my sleeve


I’m tired

Of playing it safe

Of hiding

From pain, hurt

That hasn’t even

Happened yet


Why live in fear

When I feel it

Touch this


So near


I see the door

Wide open


For me

To just walk through


So I’m taking

That chance

Laying my cards

On the table


On my sleeve


because I know

If not

I will always regret

Not saying anything

Sun and Rain

I always thought

I was a hopeless romantic

Dreaming, Hoping

For what never came


I always thought

I was just a little

Idealistic, Positive

For what I didn’t have


Then my eyes

Were opened

To what stood

This whole time

Right in front of me


I feel for you

Deeper than words

Can ever express


No word

No song

Ever seems

To capture it

Just right


With just your thought

A smile plays

Just seeing your name

Always makes my day


Not speaking

Even briefly

Seems to bring

My day to an overcast


With others

I didn’t care so much

With you

It brings sun and rain

Ocean of Emotion

Find a place to walk

Into the ocean

A feeling

So strong

So sudden

Clearly unexpected

Washes quickly over you

Erases any pain

From past scars


Ocean of emotion

Filled with tears of sorrow

Shells of broken dreams

Diamonds of shattered hearts

Float along a base

That runs deeper than imagined


Take careful steps

Hoping to swim

Among the rays

Of love’s sun

Through the glittering

Reflection of unspoken dreams

Take A Step – Slow It Down

Typically I find

That with the connection

Between you and I

I want to run

To rush

And jump right in

To taste

And Savor

Every little moment


Divine as the universe is

It seems to have other plans

Giving me a circumstance

Where I am forced patience


So here I am

I take a step into you



My time with you


Here I am

I take step away from you

Slowing it down

Until I can have

All of you


This tango

A difficult balance

Shifts between

Desire and Dignity


Desire to have you

And the dignity

To refuse second place

Some Moments

With a past that gives us history

We are connected

With a time we parted ways

And now we give it another try

Some moments we click

It seems there’s no other

Forever in this moment

With only you

My lover

Some moments I wonder

Why ever so

Do I love you?

For you find little ways

Just to annoy me

Until I just want to go.

Moments short lived

You pull me back

With a hug and kiss

Rub the small of my back.

I see your child like self

When my adult wants to play.

Then I wonder

If we ever had kids,

Would they act this way?

Underlying all these moments

Are feelings of love,

With you I am happy

But just briefly

For some small moments

I just want to slap you my love.