No Turning Back


We come upon crossroads

A choice we must make.

Do we face our fears?

Or do we run in a panic?

Do we experience the unknown?

Or do we take the safe path,

Possibly losing the best thing

That has yet to happen in our lives.

Do we risk heartbreak?

Or choose to tuck our hearts away?

Putting our fragile hearts back into the glass case

In end the still breaking it

Only because now

You long for what you once had

And things will never be the same.

The future possibilities now gone.

Crossroads are a tricky thing.

Choices that forever change your path.

They can bring great happiness,

Or lessons to shape our characters.

In the end,

We must all have faith

In the choices we make.

That we are blessed to receive another chance

To say what’s in our hearts,

On our minds

And this time

Choose the right path

The one you knew

You should have chosen

The first time

In Order To Fly

Standing back,

Holding at arm’s length,

Take your time.

Feet firmly planted

On the ground.

Holding rigid

With a mended heart’s

Biggest fear.


Walk cautiously,

Tip toe


Of opening up.

Fingers grazing,

Brush along old wounds.

Scars left so long ago,

Serving to remind us,

That in order to fly,

We must take our time.

Finally Free

I have sat here alone with thoughts of you spontaneously drifting,

Floating through my mind.

I have finally been forced by my own heart and spirit,

To face what I have ignored.

Feelings bubbling to the surface,

Silent tears form.

Releasing all the hurt and pain,

That I have stored.

I have spent too long trying to be angry,

Too much time trying to hate you for leaving.

My mind understood your reasoning,

My heart felt a bullet,

Shards of shrapnel piercing the tender spots.

I have spent months saying I was finished,

Saying that I had forgiven,

Insisting that I moved on.

I find ignoring those feelings easy,

When you are out of sight and out of mind.

Then suddenly you reappeared on the outskirts of my life.

The tears and spontaneous thoughts cause me to finally admit,

I am not angry, nor upset.

I only find it harder to say,

That I still love you.

Now that my internal battle is complete,

I can tuck away these words

And finally be free.

No longer will they be lodged in the back my mind

Haunting the background of my life.

Finally letting go of our possibilities,

Putting to rest our past,

To that chapter of our history,

I can say goodbye at last.

Her Attention On You

There is no doubt,

A small smile playing in her eyes,

Just a hint of what’s inside.

She knows who she is,

Done with searching,

Continually discovering,

Fanning the passion,

Directing the flames,

On the move constantly,

Just to get where she wants to be.

Watching on,

Watching her,

She moves with a certain air,

An energy that follows her.

An impression is left,

When she leaves.

Showing so much sun,

A sun glass brightness 

Set to a low glow.

Touching those she knows.

So quiet,

Sitting shyly in the corner,

She still catches your eye.

Find yourself intrigued,

ImageCurious to her drive,

To feel the full brightness of her light,

Keeping watch as she moves through the room,

Waiting for your opportunity,

Just to have that smile,

Those eyes,

Her attention on you.

Dodge Another Bullet

I had looked 

To give you another try

To let you

Be only the second person

To get more time

Tired of watching

Of fighting 

This pendulum


Back and forth

From yes 

Back to no


I decided to let go

To drop the wall back down

To let it rest on yes

In the end

I changed my decision


You only got another bullet

For the gun pointed at my heart

This time it was fired

Barely grazing it 

With the disappointment

That you just put up a front

Throwing empty words

Out to me 

Like it’s some sort

Of super glue

A way to make me stay

A way to make me wait

For you to say its ok

But, I won’t wait

I’ll just dodge this bullet

Walk away

Never to give

Another one 

In its place



Alexandria's Writings

This morning while drinking a cup of coffee, I pondered the swiftness of time. As train of thoughts go, I found myself  in a seldom used station of how things  were.  To some visits may be frequent. For me, I prefer to be in the now with a peek at tomorrow. Realizing that time is no longer the slow tortoise and quickly becomes the hare still catches me off guard. From where we were at the age of two, just running and spinning around our own little world of naps, toy soldiers and dress up. Now we are jumping from work to bed and back again. Where did the last twenty- two years go? I remember starting junior high and taking dance, then my memories jump to working and graduation. The time in between seems only to be captured in snap shots scattered among belongings.

Time seems to be as…

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