*This is Jingle’s Poetry Potluck- This weeks theme was Angels,Saints and MeditationĀ


Why go for perfect?

Trying to be

What everyone

Wants you to be

No need

To be a saint

Trying so hard

Only makes you

Seem fake

Be your true self

Full of love

And light

Be truly happy

In your way

That real smile

Making you shine

Glowing like an angel

At least

In my eyes

Mystery or Fate

“Thanks Jingle!!”

With a smile

And just a look

All of a sudden

My heart was hooked.

I knew so little

Yet felt so much

Always marveling

At my reaction

To your touch

For this mystery

I was ill prepared

My mind racing

With thoughts of you

I am baffled

At what I should do

I now see

That I can’t dissect

The mystery

Of what you’ll do next

So just for now

I will wait

Just take my time

To see if this is fate.