Hands Off

Here comes the weekend

The ritual starts

To stay in or dance the night away…

Find the perfect outfit

Curves hugged just right

Cleavage given the right amount of sight

Move things along for the night

Hair and makeup all set to go

Get the girls

Off to the club

Where all the bouncers we know

Perfect song

Just start to dance

Lose all sight

Until a random hand

Give a mercy dance

Then spin away

Hoping the hint he’ll take

Once again find your groove

Until he starts

To dance on you

Finally fed up

You signal a friend

Just to help

Get his hands off your hips,

The menace now moved away

You dance freely

The night away.

I Forgive

I forgive myself for loving you

For giving my all to you

For trusting that some day

You would truly care

I forgive myself

For removing my walls

For letting you in

I forgive myself

For thinking this is it

How it will be

That you only need time

I forgive myself

For not seeing

That you didn’t care

That I am more than this drama

I forgive myself

For feeling

For loving

For living

I release myself

From this past

It has tied me to you for far too long

I release you

So that we can finally part ways.