The People We Meet

Every path,

Every schedule change,

Every slight detour

Has the potential

To lead to something amazing.

Chance encounters

Followed by mystic events

Bringing us

Surprising gifts

In the people

We meet.

Missed appointments,

Delayed plans,

All tend to put us

In each others paths.

I can clearly see

How small changes

Small schedule mishaps,

Have brought you

Right here

To me.

A simple bus ride,

A lost application,

A last-minute invite.

All of these things


Where we have been

And the people we meet.

No Turning Back


We come upon crossroads

A choice we must make.

Do we face our fears?

Or do we run in a panic?

Do we experience the unknown?

Or do we take the safe path,

Possibly losing the best thing

That has yet to happen in our lives.

Do we risk heartbreak?

Or choose to tuck our hearts away?

Putting our fragile hearts back into the glass case

In end the still breaking it

Only because now

You long for what you once had

And things will never be the same.

The future possibilities now gone.

Crossroads are a tricky thing.

Choices that forever change your path.

They can bring great happiness,

Or lessons to shape our characters.

In the end,

We must all have faith

In the choices we make.

That we are blessed to receive another chance

To say what’s in our hearts,

On our minds

And this time

Choose the right path

The one you knew

You should have chosen

The first time

So Smothered

The more I try to stay away

The closer I want to be

I try to keep my distance

As I am running to you

I turn my head away

As I reach for your hand

My thoughts stay on you

As I try to keep away

Forces feel

Beyond my control


Even unbearable

Smothered in emotions

I know I should fight

Giving back the hand

I know I will

Never truly have

Defining Moments

We all have them

Those defining moments


We must make

Whether to say

Yes or No

The pendulum

Of whether

We should stay

Or go


The defining moment

To speak or

Hold your peace in regret



Stuck at the crossroads


Torn in two

Because deep down

In your heart you know

That this choice

Decides how your life

Will go

Hold On

Hold on

Never let go

Keep fighting

For what you know

For this love

That you finally got a hold of

Don’t let others

Bring you misery

All they want

Is company


Doing as they want

Listening to what they say

Will mean losing


All of your happiness

Then in the end

Here again they win

Ripping everything

You love from your hands

So again I say

Hold on

To what you love

Don’t listen to what they say


Each Time

When she learns to roll with the punches

Has had her heart-broken

Stomped on


Thrown in a blender

Then handed back her

And told everything will be ok

Then her heart becomes stronger

So that when the person comes along

And after all the hurt

She still opens up to him

Trusts him to hold her heart

To protect it

She knows there is a chance he can hurt her


He turns out

To not be the one

She should not  have given it to

Because he won’t stay

He isn’t ready to just be there

So just like the rest before

For all their different reasons

She will take back her heart

A begin to mend once again

Each time

It gets a little easier than the last

She gets pickier than before

Then one day

She will find the one

She has been waiting for

In A Box

It’s amazing

How something you felt so deeply about

Is pulled from your hands

In a 20 min conversation

At two in the morning

How in the end you are always by yourself

Proving that once again

That nothing lasts forever

So here I go once again

Take my heart

That was once on my sleave

Holding there

Beating for you

Now bruised and weary

Is put away

In the wooden box


The one you made for me

Store it away

With the memories we made

The pictures

The letters of devotion

Everything in this box

Close the lid

And hide it away

Placed far back in the closet

Out of sight

Iced around the edges

To heal

Only in time