In A Moment

In a moment

It all disappears

Everything changes

Forced to face

Our worst fears

In a moment

Everything we loved

Out of no where

Is gone

The smile


And laughter

Holiday dinners

And birthdays

Will never again be the same

In a moment

We will always live

In our favorite memory

We have with them

In a moment

When we were all happy

No illness in sight

A forever list

Of tomorrows

Played in our minds


In a moment

We have to have

Just one last hug

One more I love you

In just a moment

That will forever

Be carried in our hearts

Within the spirit

Of our lives


Part Time Boyfriend

I don’t want a part time boyfriend

Who’s only concern is to be here

When it’s convenient for him

When our relationship fits

Neatly into the folds of his life

Love is messy

It’s overwhelming


And calm all at the same time


I don’t want you here to hold my hand

Just because the sun is shining

And things feel

Just so right


I don’t want you here

To make promises

That only in that moment

Do you intend to keep

Hoping instead

That I will forget


My time is not to be wasted

If I tell you I love you

I meant it


By no means am I an escape

From your everyday life

I want a man to stand by my side

Not a part time boyfriend

That hides when life gets uncomfortable


I may love you

And all our memories

Yet time will not be wasted

When the disclosure had been given

Either you are here or there

No maybe

No inbetween


It’s full time or no time

With that said

You can take our memories to bed

Being part time

Only thoughts of me

Will you get



Never Fade

Single tear


From the outer corner

Of my eye


Gently blurring

With this small ache


At my heart


Threatening to rip

At the seams

I just couldn’t


What my life

Without you

Would be

I may not

See you

All the time

We may not speak often

Nor say goodnight

But my love

It runs deep

Part of my bones

I hope you know

No matter

Where I go

I always imagine

You there

When I come home


A bond

I would never trade

A love

That will never fade