Her Attention On You

There is no doubt,

A small smile playing in her eyes,

Just a hint of what’s inside.

She knows who she is,

Done with searching,

Continually discovering,

Fanning the passion,

Directing the flames,

On the move constantly,

Just to get where she wants to be.

Watching on,

Watching her,

She moves with a certain air,

An energy that follows her.

An impression is left,

When she leaves.

Showing so much sun,

A sun glass brightness 

Set to a low glow.

Touching those she knows.

So quiet,

Sitting shyly in the corner,

She still catches your eye.

Find yourself intrigued,

ImageCurious to her drive,

To feel the full brightness of her light,

Keeping watch as she moves through the room,

Waiting for your opportunity,

Just to have that smile,

Those eyes,

Her attention on you.


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