In A Moment

In a moment

It all disappears

Everything changes

Forced to face

Our worst fears

In a moment

Everything we loved

Out of no where

Is gone

The smile


And laughter

Holiday dinners

And birthdays

Will never again be the same

In a moment

We will always live

In our favorite memory

We have with them

In a moment

When we were all happy

No illness in sight

A forever list

Of tomorrows

Played in our minds


In a moment

We have to have

Just one last hug

One more I love you

In just a moment

That will forever

Be carried in our hearts

Within the spirit

Of our lives


One thought on “In A Moment

  1. jocuri says:

    Hello, this is a good posting. You get my vote for In A Moment Alexandria's Writings and also I’ll bookmark this blog right now.

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