Water and Fire

Was the water too much

Did it overwhelm the flame?

Fire to water

It creates mystical steam

Sets iced over hearts aflame

Melting ages of hurt

Welding over the scarred parts

Fire to ice

Its water all the same

Cooling the steel blade

Freshly formed

From the pain

Fire can only handle

So much water


It either drowns

Or moves along

Water transforms

As it always has

Melting as ice

Misting as it boils

Raining as it cools

Showing you as a fool

A fool to think

That the fire’s mark

The trail left behind

Could destroy water

Water will skillfully disappear

Transforming as the seasons move on

Out of sight

Never out of mind

Always in the background

Of your life



I want to give a big thank you to the Poetry Palace for this award


I want to nominate Nel with the post titled Gossip Queen.

Thanks again for the honor

6 thoughts on “Water and Fire

  1. Lynnaima says:

    too true. This reminds me of Bruce Lee’s famous quote about water. He often used to say “be like water” water transforms and survives but most of all is necessary 🙂
    my entry: http://lynnaima.wordpress.com/2011/10/28/ratatouille/

  2. Writer Jobs says:

    Excellent post today. Thank you for sharing it with us today. Love the layout of this blog very much.

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  3. Morning says:

    beautiful imagery on water and ice.
    Glad to see you share.


  4. Poets Rally says:

    well deserved award, smiles.

    get ready to join poets rally week 58 tomorrow.

    Happy Holidays.

  5. poets rally says:

    way to go,

    share a piece with us today,

    Happy Holidays.

  6. Irina Keezer says:

    You are a very bright individual!

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