Each Time

When she learns to roll with the punches

Has had her heart-broken

Stomped on


Thrown in a blender

Then handed back her

And told everything will be ok

Then her heart becomes stronger

So that when the person comes along

And after all the hurt

She still opens up to him

Trusts him to hold her heart

To protect it

She knows there is a chance he can hurt her


He turns out

To not be the one

She should not  have given it to

Because he won’t stay

He isn’t ready to just be there

So just like the rest before

For all their different reasons

She will take back her heart

A begin to mend once again

Each time

It gets a little easier than the last

She gets pickier than before

Then one day

She will find the one

She has been waiting for

4 thoughts on “Each Time

  1. brian miller says:

    yes she will…

    i imagine her perseverence will be rewarded…

    nice flow to this…

    small typo toward the end ‘picker’ or ‘pickier’?

  2. claudia says:

    ah we need to be careful who to give our heart – so much can happen and even if we’re sure we found the one, it still takes a lot to really trust – esp. if things like this happened before

  3. Victoria Porter says:

    I can relate to this one. I’ve kissed many a frog, but the last one turned into a prince. 2 years, so far so good. 🙂

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