In A Box

It’s amazing

How something you felt so deeply about

Is pulled from your hands

In a 20 min conversation

At two in the morning

How in the end you are always by yourself

Proving that once again

That nothing lasts forever

So here I go once again

Take my heart

That was once on my sleave

Holding there

Beating for you

Now bruised and weary

Is put away

In the wooden box


The one you made for me

Store it away

With the memories we made

The pictures

The letters of devotion

Everything in this box

Close the lid

And hide it away

Placed far back in the closet

Out of sight

Iced around the edges

To heal

Only in time

One thought on “In A Box

  1. ajzenmar says:

    Only in time will your lost heart will be found… Do not worry this is just temporary, wear your heart in your sleeve for someday someone will come and take care of if and keep it for good. Learn from the pro… it does not take once, twice, or trice…. just keep on practicing and someday you will perfect it like a pro as well… Love yourself and someone will love you back….if not today, maybe on other day. But one thing is for sure and do keep it in mind, no matter how far apart we are you are always be my number #1….

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