Tug Of War

The question


On my mind

Should I

Have said


At all

That night?

The fear


Taking turns


My hopes

The glitter

Of a promising



With the diamonds


A dreaming heart


Over Shadowed

Fears taking over

The unknown

Feeling so


A tug of war

Pulled and stretched

Fear pulling

Tempting me 

To just

Rebuild that wall

To close 

That bridge

And just


Walk away



In this

Tug of war

Is a heart

That bats


Fighting the fears

Healing the past

For it knows

If it holds on

This is the one

That will last

5 thoughts on “Tug Of War

  1. One of my most fav lines is the one spoken by Scarlette O’Hara in the Movie “Gone with the Wind”
    “I won’t worry about tomorrow for, tomorrow is another day.”
    And, we get a brnad new chance each and every single one of them to put right, to leave behind, to heal whatever disturbs or hurts us. When we realise this, we then can move forward. It seems as if you are sensing this in yourself.
    Lovely prose, and, thanks for the visit.

  2. Tina says:

    Simply beautiful…u r very talented. Hopefully these are just thoughts. I hope at ur young age u haven’t experienced such heartbreak and uncertainty

  3. what playful piece.
    smart composition.

    Please join poetry potluck week 42 today,
    Feel free to submit random poems or poems unrelated to our theme.
    Happy Tuesday.
    appreciate your input.

  4. Ah, the tug of war in the heart is tough. Great write.

  5. reminding you to take the perfect poet award from poets rally week 48 today, visit me to see the award image, nominate another poet for week 49.
    a poet nominated you, this is on behalf of you, the poets who honor you and poets rally ..official award, hope to see you post it.
    make a comment under the award post after you are done.
    bless you.

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