The Choice Is Yours

See the moment

When she reaches out to you

Grab her hand

Pull her close


Take the chance

Make a stand

Show her the truth

In your words


For the moment

This is your chance

The key is ready

Waiting in her hands


She’s already fallen

She sees the hope

It lingers

After you speak


She sees your heart

It slowly shows

In the only way

Hers will know


See the fire

She’s built it

Just for you


For a time

It slowly burns


On low


The choice is yours

You can take her hand

Tell her how you feel


Just let the truth

Fan the flame

Magic growing


Or stand choosing

Letting the fire die

As you watch

Your dream

Walk away

15 thoughts on “The Choice Is Yours

  1. Hesitation and fear combine to make a lonely existence. Nicely done!

  2. luna15 says:

    all it takes is that one moment, that leap of faith. brilliant poem!

  3. Well done. Really enjoy the images of opportunity and seizing the moment. I appreciate how you offer an image and resolve it a few stanzas later, like fire, then later fan the flame. Thanks, enjoyed 🙂

  4. Andy says:

    Be brave…go for it…let love show you the way.

    Nice Rally entry!

  5. Jingle says:

    what a shout out,

    powerful word flow.
    enjoy the rally.


  6. acoustic3 says:

    Beautiful. Cut deep too. You either make a stand, or you walk. A lovely flow also.

  7. J Sirrah says:

    Enjoyed this much 🙂
    Let love not pass by

  8. There for the taking if only quick enough! Lovely little poem… and I love these comment bubbles!!

  9. Beautifully, I really wish more people would take a chance on love, its certainly worth risks

  10. let love win,

  11. I love the ending to this, echoes of past experiences well done

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