Forever To Start


Invading my private world


Thoughts of you occur


Slipping past my defenses


Engaging hidden senses




Everything has started


In a merry go round effect


To continue to bring


It all back to you




All starting with a friendly fondness


Simply finding comfort


In pure conversation




Your constant energy


In the background of my life


I have discovered


Means more than anything






In my personal reality


I feel a shift


Between you and me




Moving along a path


I thought I would never have


A connection so refreshingly deep


So whole


That even so far apart


A simple hello


Makes me feel complete




As always


What made no sense before


Is now clear as mud


When my hopes


My dreams


I surrendered




I found the answer


Had always been


Right in front of me




With this rightness


Touching my soul


Healing a wounded heart


With you


I want forever to start

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