Build You Up

I gave you my love

My heart

My soul

In return I was crushed


Pushed aside


It has taken me  Several years

To let go of the pain

That wedge

The one that sat

In the final crack Of my heart


I used to say I had forgiven

That I had moved on

Reality is I hadn’t

I kept in touch

Claiming curiosity

When all I wanted was for you to feel


Feel what it was like

To be brought to the sun

To have a taste of bliss

Then left in the pits of agony

Your spirit broken

Dreams destroyed

Trusting no more


Slowly pull out of this grave

To have hope

Build you back up with a ray of sun

As you feel just one last pull

To find yourself free

Then a stomp on the wedge

That reshatters everything


A million shards of glass

Glitters along the floor

I will build you up no more

With this tragedy I am done

I will finally let it go

And be my own sun

One thought on “Build You Up

  1. Jingle says:

    letting go at last, well done piece…

    if you wish to be in poets rally, visit me, and find the link under my post…

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