I don’t know why

I reached out last night

To a person

Who has always

Made me cry



I wanted to know

Are you happy?

Do you still think of me?

Did 4 years –

And the cross-country moves

Have an impact on you at all?


I will admit

A part of me will always care

I will admit

That this part of me

Is very small

Yet big enough

That I know it’s there


Maybe I thought

We could actually just be friends

The kind that live 5 states away

And never visit


Clearly you don’t understand

Where I clearly stand

You created

You caused

My biggest wall of all


because of you

I stay at arm’s length

Heart locked away

Only pieces

Slipping through

Not giving so free

Like I did with you


You swore that needed you

Maybe I do

Yet, not in the way you want

I need you

To remind me

Of  the tears

That have flowed

One thought on “Tears

  1. Dakota(: says:

    I like this alot. Very nice jobbb. Keep up the good work(:

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