Dance Along The Edge

Stand tall

Walk along

The edge

Of my stone walls

That barricade

Protecting my heart.

Balance along with each step

To keep this connection

I have with you

Balance along with each step

To keep the distance

So I can keep

From being broken again.


Dance around the edge

With each touch

With each kiss

Then a scar

With a phantom tear

Stands waiting

Like a guard

For the glass slipper

To shatter

In your hands


Sneak a peak

Over the edge

At what I am feeling

In my heart

Not my head

Such an internal dilemma

Some things I know for sure

Others play a game

Tugging at logic

Then hitting on emotion

Then disappearing again.



Over the edge

At a pool

So still

So deep

I know it would take a true man

Not just a boyfriend

To swim these depths.


So raw

So intense

Ready for the right person

Loyalty unwavering

For the right person


Sitting on the edge

Light a cigarette


If I should fall

Just yet

For matters of the heart

The soul

Are a dangerous game to play


So here I am

On the edge

There you are

Your voice playing a tune

Calling to me

Yet when I turn

You are nowhere to be seen

Then below I see

There you stand waiting


A fragile choice to make

To take a leap

The Most important question of all

If I Fall

Will you catch me?

2 thoughts on “Dance Along The Edge

  1. Jingle says:

    fabulous touches…
    hot, sweet, and divine!

  2. Samanthamj says:

    this was lovely. honesty at it’s best.

    I can relate… remember feeling this way in my past… it’s a fine line.. wanting to be fully loved and understood… but, not feeling really safe enough to let someone do it….

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