Off The Never Ending Ride

Fit to be tied

I was found

On your

Never ending ride

You say it was easy

To scoop and swoop

Me up into you

Once I was latched

Tied to my seat

For a moment

I thought you loved me

Cycles moved us

Through the years

With I love you

Don’t Leave me

To I can’t stand you

Don’t come near!

Your biggest mistake

Was letting me go

Now I am too smart

Too independent

I don’t remember why

I cared

I tore

I clawed

Now the haze

The ropes the binded

Are finally Gone.

So take your dark cloud

You and her

Can live out your ride

Always full lies

Today is my finale goodbye.

One thought on “Off The Never Ending Ride

  1. Jessicas Japes says:

    I enjoyed that. It was cleverly written and I like the layout!

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