At one time,

I would change my life for you.

Shape myself

Mold myself

To be with you.

I thought I was happy

I thought I was safe


In time,

We fell apart

Then together again.

Now apart for the final time.

At first,

I said you were different

But I was wrong

You weren’t different,

I was blind

I refused to see that side of you.

I find that I am different,

I am more me

Than anything.

You have only gotten

More close minded

As my horizons

Have expanded.

So I will continue

And stay changing

In each moment

As you cling on

To a mold

Of the past.

One thought on “Different

  1. slpmartin says:

    It seems in love when one person has to reshape themselves…there is something wrong with the relationship and your poem points this point out…thanks for sharing.

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