Never Break Me!

Barricade The Door

Of you I want no more

I was so blind



I believed those sweet lies

Weaving through

Breaking down my Fort Knox walls

This disaster to me,

Was never forseen.


I gathered my strength

Head held high,

Is how I left.

But sadly,

My new walls

Were only made of straw.


You easily broke through

Like I had,

No Defense at all.


With a leap,

I was California bound!

Thinking my stick walls

Were safe and sound.


My boomer rang heart,

Couldn’t leave well enough alone.

I wanted closure,

To myself I told.


I found you once again,

After a three year hiatus.

Vision clouded,

I didn’t see

That my stick wall

Was burning.


Finally, along in Texas.

We move to my ground.

My rules, my mercy.

Now of you,

I only tolerate

No longer blind,

No more hay.

Instead of sticks,

I built a stone wall

I know will stay.


Our history done

No cracks to be seen

I know who I am

You will never break me!

One thought on “Never Break Me!

  1. slpmartin says:

    The story in the poem shows the growth in emotions and the maturing of an individual…enjoyed reading your poem.

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