Renewed (via Alexandria’s Archives)

Just a poem from my archives. Enjoy.

Silence of the day Show me the way Beating rain Help me pray Swaying trees Let me be To the clouds Sun lost To tears streaming Is my soul lost? Gentle breeze Clears my fears With the crow's caw My heart thaws No more tormented rain Only a gentle spray Dancing, twisting,turning As I pray Dancing to the beat of my heart, I return to the start Is my soul lost? No Only awakened Renewed … Read More

via Alexandria's Writings

3 thoughts on “Renewed (via Alexandria’s Archives)

  1. Jingle says:

    time to vote again,
    please scan the links and vote for 1 to 20 poets, thank you in advance!

    next Rally post will be on July 21, 2010.

  2. Jingle says:

    Welcome to Thursday Poets Rally week 25, which run July 22-July 28,

    Sign in here

    Leave your poem link here and comment for 18 poets from participants list New 2 you:

    Hope that you enjoy the fun!
    Happy Thursday!

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