To My Dismay

Oh such a small crack

Inching, moving along

I curse that small crack

As my wall sways

So invisible to others

I see it

Much to my dismay

A strength

I must fight to keep


My heart

My pride and trust

All have felt blows

Brought on by you

You don’t love me

Respect me

Much less care

To what effect

Your actions have on me

It’s all about you

Not us or even me

Just you


What happened to tenderness?

I refuse to break up and come back

That tenderness

The sensitivity never lasts

My excitement of you

For a whole 2.5 seconds

Has now passed.

So much to my dismay

I have proven to be a fool

For believing that it mattered

That I had a deep love for you

Much to my Dismay

I have been proven a fool

That all I had was a lust

For being in bed with you.

5 thoughts on “To My Dismay

  1. jeques says:

    I would to share with you a poem I wrote some years back that resonates to the sentiments in this moving poem you wrote. Though you expressed your sentiments in different way, I see a lot of parallelism – sometimes, we feel a are consoled by knowing that we are not alone in such a lonely passage we thrive.

    “When the feeling is gone”

    Here’s the link:

    Thanks for visiting my webnook.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  2. tekia says:

    wow! great poem.

  3. I loved the association between the cracks in you and you not letting the cracks break – or rather break up.

    Very powerful poem.

  4. jessicasjapes says:

    Really like the last few lines, it would have been easy to spoil the end but you wrote it perfectly.

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