I was Blind

I was blinded by what I wanted to see

By the looks

That touch

Of how our life could be.

               I was blind to your personality

               Of the differences

               The things

              That divide you and me.

I was blind to so much

Little comments

The disappearance of love

From your voice

Your touch

                 I was hit and crushed

                Many times before

               By my hope

               By your lies

Then the darkness was removed from my eyes

I could see what I must do.

No longer blind

I see who you really are

Not a person I can trust

With what remains of my heart.

              Our views vary too far

              Miss Independent – I am

            To you is too much

My master you will never be!

For I refuse to live

Under your men are better mentality!

5 thoughts on “I was Blind

  1. slpmartin says:

    That ‘love’ is blind cannot be denied for throughout history it has been demonstrated to be true…but on occasion a lover gains his sight and leaves the course of love to others with their white canes of hope…such a random thought brough on by your poem which I obviously enjoyed.

  2. This poem reminded me of what I just recently went through. The words of this just reawakened every feeling I had. Thank you for keeping me from feeling so numb and dead. I remembered why I left and that I was strong. Thank you. I write as well. My site is http://theincompleteworks.wordpress.com/. Good luck in all your future writings.

  3. Jingle says:

    awesome flow of images..

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