Step Away To Move Closer

Step away

Use just a little faith

A vacation

From a lover’s unwanted fate

Step away

To stop the hurt

Cracks growing

Heart bleeding

Step away

Just to re-evaluate

What they say is true,

Time can heal

All wounds.

Only if we let it.

You move closer

Like we never changed

Like I have always been

Right by your side


That I stepped away

Three years passing by

Just move closer

Like we never parted

Just move closer

To the way we started

19 thoughts on “Step Away To Move Closer

  1. fiveloaf says:

    interesting read and finish- great job and thanks for dropping by- feel free to do so anytime..

  2. this had a lovely flow that pulled me straight in. A great intriguing title..well done Pete

  3. brian says:

    i could totally hear a song in this…

  4. wordwand says:

    well done, it’s true that we have to withdraw after a heartbreaking experience to reassess the situation and then to rebuild the relationship on more solid bases.
    a lovely poem.

  5. Jingle says:

    loved it,
    you rock!

  6. cortnij says:

    I think everyone has this wish at least once in their lives! Great poem.
    I love the lines,
    “Time can heal
    All wounds.
    Only if we let it”

  7. megzone says:

    awwww…thats sweeett πŸ™‚
    its true that time heals only if we let it πŸ™‚
    nice one there

    Im here from Jingle’s Rally
    you can view my poem at

  8. soulintention: signed .............bkm says:

    love the concept of just stepping away- an in doing so being reborn into a relationship…..bkm

  9. Tim Keeton says:

    Very nice.

    Thanks for sharing. I hope you will visit my sites:

    Tim Keeton – A Writer’s Tale


    The Undead Poets Society

    Rhyme on!

    Tim Keeton
    (Undead)Poet / Wizard / Teller-of-tales
    A Week 19 Perfect Poet Award Winner

  10. joanny says:

    a lovely poem so tenderly told, time has a way of forgetting certain things — and remembering fondly others…. oh to capture the loving feeling sigh!

    came by jingle today,


  11. Moeed's Diary says:

    precisely chosen words……… explain the complex and beautiful topic……..great thought…….!!!

  12. sparrowsong says:

    this is very sweet. πŸ™‚

  13. Jingle says:

    three poetry awards,
    two general awards,
    Thank you for the invaluable contribution in Thursday Poets Rally week 20.
    U Rock!

  14. Ansab says:

    vvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy nice……….

  15. three poetry awards,two general awards,enjoy!Thank you for the invaluable contribution in Thursday Poets Rally week 20.U Rock!

  16. Jingle says:

    Glad to hear from you,
    what you can do is to visit poets who were here for you with your poetry blog link..
    in that case they get back to your poem instantly…
    keep visiting and following.
    welcome to join us this week,..
    Happy Monday!
    I valued your contribution!

  17. jessicasjapes says:

    That read really well and I totally get the sentiment in it!

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