Years ago

I was with you

I felt something deep

I was filled with joy

I felt so happy.

Then you weren’t so deep

It wasn’t the same

Saying we must part ways.

My heart was very young

I was convinced

It was me

That you could change

That eventually

You would truly care.

My young heart

Knew I had to go

Though my heart was broken

I refused

To torture my soul

Using the last 3 years

To become

Once again whole.

Now its reversed

You want to come back

You swear you love me

Need me

Want me

Yet I have a hard time believing

The bucket of salt

I use for your words

Has seasoned my heart

So I in disappointment

I will no longer hurt.

8 thoughts on “Reversed

  1. THE BEATY says:

    I agree with Jingle

  2. Jingle says:

    please visit 12 poets from my list to fulfill the requirement!
    let me know after you are done!

  3. brian says:

    very nice. heartache helps us appreciate the love we find, eventually.

  4. Luke Prater says:

    I wonder if this would benefit from a line-break or two… structuring it into stanzas for me would have increased readability. Hey, small thing, good work here 🙂

    Warmest Salad


  5. Batty says:

    I like how life turns around sometimes, you display this observation clearly in your poem. Enjoyed! cheers!

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