Bucket Of Salt

At one point I trusted you.

I could believe your word.

No need to wonder

If that was a lie I heard.

I could count on you

To do as you say

No need to worry

That I’d be led astray.

Now it seems

Your word holds no merit

Dead promises

Broken plans,

No idea

When the truth

Is at hand.

So many times

Have you renigged

No longer

A grain of salt do I give.

For you

It takes way more

At least

A bucket of salt

To believe one more,

In the end

My trust is gone.

And only time will tell

If I should believe you

At all.

5 thoughts on “Bucket Of Salt

  1. Jingle says:

    full of faith and trust,
    wonderful poem!

  2. Jingle says:


    another poetry award 4 u.
    have a beautiful day!
    I appreciate your uplifting comments and handsome spirits.

  3. signed .............bkm says:

    no idea when the truth is at hand….. nice line — having faith in someone, especially if you love them does take that whole bucket of salt (which is a wonderful title) —giving that much…….is the ???

    thank you stopping in —glad I found you

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