Out of Sight Out of Mind

At one time

You were mine

I loved you

With an endless flow

Until my flow

My love for you

Hit a dam

Currents back lashed

Bringing our connection

To an end

To cope I moved

Out of town

Out State

So you could be

Out of sight

and Out of my Mind

Still we talked

Attempting to be Just friends

You want a new start

To move here

Find a new life

Different than before

Soon to be

no longer out of sight

Again in my mind

To prepare

My China walls must be built

Around my fragile heart

So when you are around

It doesn’t start

To once again

Break apart

17 thoughts on “Out of Sight Out of Mind

  1. Jingle says:

    beautiful piece!
    keep it up!

  2. Rajlakshmi says:

    //So when you are around
    It doesn’t start
    To once again
    Break apart
    // those such touching lines…
    very beautifully expressed…

  3. “China Walls” may they come tumbling crumbling down.

    Were you listening to Joni Mitchell’s Court & Spark when you wrote this — reminds me of that feel.


  4. My China walls must be built

    “Around my fragile heart

    So when you are around

    It doesn’t start

    To once again

    Break apart”

    Wow. I like the word play with the word “China”–China being the Chinese wall but also as fragile as china as well. Very beautiful, that ending really powerful.
    Thank you for reaching out on my blog and your kind comments. I have subscribed! xx Lisa

  5. mairmusic says:

    Sweetly and patiently said, with hope for the future. Nicely done!

  6. slpmartin says:

    The words in the poem flow so sweetly when you say them aloud…and the impact of the arrival of an old love is clearly marked within the poem…well said.

  7. brian says:

    tight poem…starting over can be so hard…almost as much as letting go…

  8. viddhi says:

    amazing .. i could relate to it ….. have been in similar situations … lovely . !

  9. suzicate says:

    China walls around a fragile heart completed it.

  10. Artswebshow says:

    I like what you did with this.

  11. oinky says:

    lovely poem.. loved the ‘china walls’ great words for a lovely poem 🙂 keep it up! 🙂

  12. shakira says:

    awesome! beautiful lines….

    Mine is here
    Happy Sensational Wednesday!

  13. trisha says:

    cute and touching. 🙂

  14. megzone says:

    aaww….beautiful piece..
    breathtakingly beautiful but yes heart wrenching indeed 😦
    liked it though

    im here from Jingle’s rally
    you can check my poem at

  15. I can so relate to this poem, well done, good job, ten stars for you. *applause* cheers

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