Search for the feeling

Among never ending thoughts

It slides

Weaving In

Weaving out

Of every moment

Search for the meaning

In every action

A conscious choice

Not just a reaction

Search for the marker

That will guide me

That will move me

Along my path

6 thoughts on “Move

  1. slpmartin says:

    Enjoyed reading this…reminded me about a saying …that indicated that men spend so much time trying to determine the purposes of life…that they have no time to live it…ah but just a random thought brought on by your poem.

  2. Ji says:

    awesome writing,
    loved the image you create!
    let me know what you think, here is my entry for week 18.

  3. i loved this….and wanted more….excellent

  4. shakira says:

    I like this…weaving in , weaving out…
    wonderful choice of word…

    Mine is here
    Happy Sensational Wednesday!

  5. trisha says:

    This is lovely. we all need that push to our destined paths i guess.

  6. Ji says:

    Please feel free to nominate fellow poets for April Celebrate Poetry award.
    Many thanks!

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