Why give hope?

The happiness is just dashed away!

You make promises,

You won’t keep.

Sweet words,

They start to sting.

Why do I let these thoughts win?

You swear you care

For a moment,

I let the ice melt.

For a moment,

I let my heart,

Beat for you.

I see-

You only love the idea,

Of change.

Only if

No action is required.

Just that,

No action, but words.

My heart aches

For what I thought

You were.

Like you said,

You do you.

I will do me.

Until I see you,

That’s how it will be!

2 thoughts on “Heartache

  1. mj says:

    This is very good. Very moving. My only critique is that it needs a bit of punctuation, just to get the dynamics of it sorted out properly.

  2. Ji says:

    love your work!


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