From Where We Were

This morning while drinking a cup of coffee, I pondered the swiftness of time. As train of thoughts go, I found myself  in a seldom used station of how things  were.  To some visits may be frequent. For me, I prefer to be in the now with a peek at tomorrow. Realizing that time is no longer the slow tortoise and quickly becomes the hare still catches me off guard. From where we were at the age of two, just running and spinning around our own little world of naps, toy soldiers and dress up. Now we are jumping from work to bed and back again. Where did the last twenty- two years go? I remember starting junior high and taking dance, then my memories jump to working and graduation. The time in between seems only to be captured in snap shots scattered among belongings.

Time seems to be as swift as wind slipping through my hands. Events so important four years ago now have drifted off to the background of my dreams. They have turned into a distant story from long ago. The details get vaguer as the clock rolls on. What may have upset me then now seems as unimportant as what color shirt to wear today.  Still a root is planted and part of me will always be there. In the past a piece of me stays. Time may move like wind slipping past me with every sip of my coffee but every day I grow and change. I move further away from where we were. The unusable portions of my life slipping away with every step.

2 thoughts on “From Where We Were

  1. Eric says:

    This reminds me that this world is not our home,we are only passing through…


  2. alexvonfox says:

    Reblogged this on Alexandria's Writings and commented:


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