Near But Not Near Love

I want you here

Near to me

Warm my bed

For me to hold

Long ago

My heart

You stole

We broke

Fell apart

Do we restart?

From the beginning

Once again

I want you near

I say

In my heart

I am afraid

Not so near dear

I dont want the pain


On the shelf of my heart

You should stay

I will pull you out

Another Day

2 thoughts on “Near But Not Near Love

  1. cherokeebydesign says:

    Love is not to be placed on a shelf or in a box.

    Love is meant to be shown off in the most special of ways.


    • alexvonfox says:

      The essence of the poem is not about putting love away or not showing. It is about the struggle when a person is in the after breakup mode of wanting that person near but fearing the pain of hurt again. Deciding if they should be let back into their life.

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