In a way I have known you. I see you every where. I try to avoid you and wish sometimes you weren’t here. What can I do? I can’t tell you to leave! You won’t listen to little oh me. Why would I even try?

You must see! To me you seem so beautiful. In a sense untouchable. You even haunt my dreams! Your eyes so mysterious, inviting me in. Deep pools shimmering in the moon light. Twinkling an invite from the sun. What a scent! Vanilla and jasmine whisper to my soul.
Being in your aura sends my mind racing. What would it mean if we were to truly meet? Would you trust me and tell me everything. Would I learn your hopes and dreams?

I see you everywhere. I catch glimpses of you in passing cars. I see you in the shop windows afar. Today I feel brave. It was that look you gave. I walk closer still. I want to know how it feels. I start to come near. Now I finally see! This person has always been me.

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