Tread Lightly

Tread lightly my dear friend

For I know you think we near the end,

It is not always so,

With every dawn we move towards the night,

With every night we move towards the dawn

Do you not have a single shred of hope?

Or do you only posess fear in your heart and soul,

Do not fear my dear child!

 Turn and learn from our kindred spirits of the earth,

The flower knows no fear when night comes,

 The flower knows with joy that morning is never far gone,

 With new dawn the will be a great many blessing of dew drops to greet the flower.

Still my child show know fear of the night!

 The stars above know no fear,

They shine onward my dear!

With no thoughts of the coming dawn,

The stars they will play again when the sun has taken to bed.

So as I say tread lightly my dear,

 It is to tread with love and joy,

To look with grateful eyes

 As the sun and moon rise.

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